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Biomaterial Storage

  • HPRA certified storage facility.
  • All processes governed by Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) compliant with ISO 13485
  • A range of validated temperatures available from -196°C, -80°C, -20°C to Room Temperature
  • Biostór preserves: Tissues and Cells, Plasma. DNA & RNA for clinical trials.
  • Master & Working Cell Banks for biopharmaceutical manufacturing, Research Materials, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients.
  • Licensed EU Tissue Establishment to store human tissues and cells for human application:
    • Bone marrow, Stem Cells, IVF products
  • Split your sample inventory, outsource half and create a back-up against disasters
  • Protect your valuable assets in a dedicated Safe Deposit Box
  • Increase laboratory workspace, reduce overhead cost, improve operating efficiency
  • Provide added Security and create peace of mind.



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Cold Chain Distribution

Biostór Ireland provides validated cold chain for any temperature range.

Temperature-sensitive biospecimens like Tissues & Cells and Pharmaceutical samples must be managed carefully during transport and distribution to maintain their Quality & Safety and to ensure compliance with regulations.

We offer

  • HazChem-trained Staff & Drivers
  • Validated Shipping
  • Comprehensive SOPs in place
  • Packaging & shipping in compliance with: ISTA, UN3373, UN2814 and IATA
  • Customised and uniform shipping containers
  • Shipments in Liquid Nitrogen Shippers, Liquid Nitrogen Freezers, on Dry Ice, Cold Packs or Ambient
  • Network of trusted agents throughout Europe.
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GMP Safe Deposit Boxes

Biostór provides a GMP-compliant safe deposit service for companies, public and private laboratories, research institutions and individual researchers to store master and working cell banks (or back-up copies) in case of emergency. If you are a researcher and your planning a sabbatical or long-term international assignment don’t leave your valuable biological samples at the mercy of others to look after for you. Lease a dedicated safe deposit box. Samples are stored in permanently bar-coded sample tubes, in validated, liquid nitrogen vapour freezers @-196°C under access control. Freezers are monitored 24/7/365 and monthly reports are emailed to you. You can get online access to your inventory for ordering. Our service is completely confidential.

Biostór acts as an honest-broker to research institutions and private companies that are exchanging biological materials as part of license agreements. Store your cells, microorganisms, gene products safely & securely In Escrow. Protect against: disaster, disputes among multiple parties, breach of contract, licensing disruptions, takeovers. All information is held in strict confidence.

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Sample Kitting for Clinical Trials

Biostór specialises in kitting for clinical trials.

We bulk-buy components for multi-site clinical trials

And project manage the JIT delivery of kits to multiple sites throughout Europe.

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Consultancy Services

  • GMP & GDP Compliance, Certification
  • Global Logistics Support
  • Quality Management System Development (ISO or GMP)
  • Systems Analysis
  • Software Implementation and Data Management
  • Contingency Planning
  • Permanent Barcode labelling of Furniture with 1D or 2D barcodes
  • Labelling and Relabeling of Samples
  • Facility Relocation Projects
  • Sample Storage & Distribution – Freezer Management
  • Qualification/Validation of Storage & Transport
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Sample Management Systems

An effective Sample Information Management System (SIMS) should be inexpensive, delivered as a service (SAAS) to your web browser using secure data communications and encryption.Efficient SIMS are indispensable to ensure sample: uniformity, consistency, reliability, reproducibility, quality, and integrity. Biostór designs the workflow and develops the process User Requirements Specification (URS) to track tens to hundreds of thousands of samples throughout their life-cycle – stored in a variety of containers in numerous international locations – Reliably tracking these samples as they make their way through the cold-chain from sample collection to the centralised repository. A SIMS should have: usability and tailorability and should be compliant with all required regulations and reasonable to develop. Multiple users should find it simple to: operate, enter, locate, report and move samples. It should be straightforward to identify a sample and quickly and precisely determine its location among 100, 000’s. Quality and compliance (ISO 9001 2000, 21CFR11, GxP ) must be at the core of the SIMS and it should create a strong audit trail and chain of custody.

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Sample Storage Solutions

Sample management is essential for an effective Quality Management System (QMS). The quality of the results produced by the lab is only as good as the quality of the samples it receives and the quality of the containers they are stored in. To ensure exceptional sample quality and traceability always use the best sample containers and storage solutions. Biostór provides a wide range of sample storage solutions with a 30 year track-record of excellence in the market.

The manager of the biobank must be proactive in ensuring that the samples it receives meet all of the requirements needed to produce accurate results. Results of sample analysis influence therapeutic decisions and significantly impact patient care and outcomes. Carefully curated samples and accurate laboratory results => good treatments. Inaccuracies in testing impact length of hospital stay, as well as hospital and laboratory costs. Inaccuracies also affect laboratory efficiency, resulting in repeat testing and ensuing waste of personnel time, consumables, and reagents.